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There’s a serious side to every event

Events are meant to be fun and memorable for all the right reasons. As the event holder you have an obligation to get things right and have a duty of care for guests whilst at your event.

But how do you know that everything will go well?

Here are a few steps that you should check with any events supplier to ensure they’ve got your interests at heart.

1. Are they proactive?

Building an event with a marquee doesn’t just rely on turning up on the day and plonking it where you want it. It takes time to make sure the design of the structure is right, that you’ve got the right size for the number of guests, and that it can be safely built where you want it. Weeding Hire offer complimentary site inspections and 3D floor plans to ensure the structure isn’t just the right size and configuration, but that we have a plan to ensure it can be safely built where you need it without delays on the day or risk to your guests.

2. Are they approved?

A marquee, like any structure, needs building permits from the council within which it’s being constructed. Weeding Hire are proud to say that we have certifications with all councils in Tasmania meaning you won’t need to apply for a building permit when holding an event. That’s one less task for you! Additionally you can also have peace of mind that the structure is high quality, certified for safety and will be installed in accordance with the designs.

3. Are they insured?

As an event holder, you have an obligation to ensure everyone is safe in the ‘workplace’. You should check that all suppliers have their own insurance for both the equipment and their staff. If they don’t then you’ll likely be liable if anything goes wrong. Weeding Hire are fully insured which means our risks don’t become yours.

There should be no shortcuts when it comes to safety. Preparation is essential to a quality event. Every person should get home safely so they can rave about what a wonderful time they had.

So next time you’re holding an event, check if they can look you in the eye and say yes to all of the questions above. If not, you know Weeding Hire are just a phone call away.

Image: Howard Wedding | Photographers: Clint & Bethanie