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5 reasons to choose a marquee wedding

Deciding on a wedding venue can be a confusing time, especially when you start comparing costs too. There are so many things to consider, so we thought we’d help by stating the case for a marquee wedding.

1. It works with your creative side

A marquee is a stunning alternative to a traditional venue and allows you to get a little bit more creative in the design of your event. If you love being a part of designing your own themes and décor, marquees offer you a blank canvas to work on as opposed to working with existing infrastructure that may not align with your vision. For weddings, many are increasingly choosing a marquee for their versatility, allowing them to perfectly complement their unique wedding theme. Of course, if you’d prefer to have someone manage the decor for you, we can put you in touch with some of the best decorators in Tasmania.

The cost

Marquees are often more cost effective for large weddings than traditional wedding venues that may become expensive when charged ‘per head’ with a large numbers of guests. If your traditional venue can’t accommodate the number of people you’d like to invite to your event, a marquee can be a fantastic extension or an alternative solution as they come in a range of sizes. Essentially, you’re not paying for the cost per head just to have them in a venue, but rather a fixed cost for the marquee size.

Other costs involved with traditional venues may revolve around fixed prices for food and drink. With a marquee, you have more of an opportunity to independently tailor your catering to the needs of your guests, buy your own alcohol directly and to fit with your special theme.

Reliability for outdoor events

Outdoor weddings and receptions in Summer are beautiful, but sometimes unpredictable Tasmanian weather can upset the flow of the event. By investing in a marquee for your reception, you can be confident in knowing that you and your guests will remain dry whilst also having the outdoor event you imagined (especially with clear roof marquees). And if you’re doing a Winter wedding, we’ll even include the heating for you.

You choose the setting

It also means that you can choose the exact setting of your event. Whether it’s on your property for sentimental value or a garden you’ve had your eye on, hiring a marquee gives you full flexibility to have it anywhere in Tasmania. If you don’t already have a property in mind, we know of a few properties that would be available for a small hire fee.

5. It doesn’t have to finish at midnight…

Wedding venues all wrap up at midnight, but some people like to make a weekend of the celebration. You will of course need to consider staffing costs for wait staff, but otherwise you’re free to celebrate until the sun comes up!

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